The abundance within - an extra large original painting

'The only way to create your dream life is to accept responsibility for everything in your life' Ichel Francis

Abundance is to have more than you need. When you experience abundance it feels like a joy radiating out of you as if you are on the highest frequency that life can exist on. But it's not an external thing, it begins and emanates from within.

'You have all the answers within you' (one of my favourite affirmations)

You have the ability to feel abundant in all areas of your life even before you have what your heart desires. You don't need to wait. In fact, it works the complete opposite way.

It starts with deep gratitude for all that is in your life already - whether it is physical or spiritual.  When you sit in heartfelt appreciation for your life exactly how it is now then you will attract the next stage and move towards what you want. This is the gateway to abundance.

Sitting in and regularly practicing gratitude for exactly where I'm at in life has a beautiful effect on my mind and fills it with clarity as the ruminating or overwhelm simply gets pushed away to focus on all the good. I start with the simple things, my morning yoga for making me feel at ease and gentle, my children - for being my greatest teachers, my husband - for the tireless work he does for the family, for my awareness of self, for my creativity, for having nutritious food to eat, for a safe and warm home and for the life journey that I'm on. I wouldn't change a thing as the universe has always intended my life to be like this. It also means it intends for me to have an expansive and abundant life.

This painting was created when I felt I had entered a new dimension of deep heartfelt awareness and I found I’d gone even deeper into expansion and true to my creativity it was reflected in the most beautiful way through my art. My art grows when I grow. ✨

Sweeping skies where once minimalist and whimsical are now a dramatic reflection of the depth of the sea and land below. The contrast of light hiding behind darkness parallels life and its turbulent times that slowly evolve into an uprising and feelings of hope and peace.  The abundance within reflects these feelings.

Inspiration for this work is from my dear artist friend Kelly Shrimpton from a photo she took at Ohope Beach.


‘The abundance within'  is an original watercolour fine artwork painted on 600gsm Artistico hot pressed professional paper

Art size: 95 x 70 cm

Framed size: 125 x 100cm

Available framed in natural timber, white, charcoal or black. Please add your frame choice into the comments at check out or email me to discuss your preferences. I'm only too happy to recommend framing options to suit your artwork and interior style.


Allow 2 - 4 days for your unframed artwork to be packaged with the utmost of care and to ship. Available to ship unframed worldwide.

Framed artwork can take 2 - 4 weeks to ship depending on my framer. Framed paintings are only available to be shipped within New Zealand due to the fragility of glass.

Original artwork may be collected from my home studio in Wanaka, New Zealand. Enter the code COLLECT at checkout to receive free shipping to pick up your artwork in person.

Artist studio photos by Jodie James