Bring your special landscape into your home

Find serenity and peace with a commissioned painting that is deeply special to you.

The finer details

Remember those feelings of inner calm and contentment from being surrounded by mountains or the sea through an original watercolour painting created especially for you.

Choosing to have a commission created for you is an exciting time. I have created many commission artworks previously so have developed a way of connecting with you and having the whole process be smooth, enjoyable and a great success that results in a painting that you love.

The best way to start is to consider what it is in my work that you are drawn to and how you connect with it. This is really important as it will help me understand how to interpret your landscape or beach scene. My style evolves each year so if you have seen my art some time ago and are now ready to pursue your dream commission it is of huge benefit to look through my most recent Paintings and see what elements of them resonate. You might like to read through my Process page for some insight as well.

I usually work from my own photographs but am more than happy to create from yours or I can research images. Often it is a beautiful collaboration between us where we combine imagery so I can create a magical artwork for you.

Prices start from $1450 for a large watercolour on paper (unframed) and $1950 framed (95 x 75cm). My favourite and most expansive commissions are the extra large paintings I create that are $2500 (unframed) and $3200 framed (125 x 95cm).

Timeframes depend on my project workload but usually can be from 4 - 8 weeks. I can also arrange framing from my local, exceptionally high quality framer in Wanaka.

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I'd love to hear from you about creating a commission especially for you.

You are welcome to visit me in my home studio to discuss your commission in person.

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