Come find me - an extra large original acrylic painting

'Come find me' is about finding your inner self in the middle of transformation without even realising you had taken a leap.  It's alluring entrance into the cliffs hints at a journey ahead that is filled with awe and wonder.

You are drawn and attracted to a promise of something magical within. 
But you just don't know what awaits until you step onto that path.
You must find the courage within yourself to delve into the feeling of uncertainty. The journey you go on when adventuring is often a similar experience to the internal journey that can take many years to complete if at all. Some parts are hard, some are incredibly challenging, others are easy, while others can be even boring and then there are always the the good parts that are joyful and elated. Often taking one small step and then another is the only way. But by gently and continuously moving forward you will find yourself within one and most likely all of these feelings.

'Come find me' was inspired by a visit to the Clay Cliffs near Omarama in Central Otago. What began as a journey to visit a destination landmark visited by many formed an imprint on my soul and I left feeling renewed and exhilarated. It did help that as I neared the end of the track high up on the back ridges a storm came in and I was chased down the slope by rain and wind but gosh it was a wonderful rush.

I left feeling complete.

But I didn’t even know I was lost.

Yet I felt like I had been found. I had gone through yet another expansive leap of my heart and identity. I often go through phases of feeling lost and unsure of my path so seek out experiences in the wilderness to call perspective back in. Every time I do this I find a renewed sense of peace and contentment to life. I am then guided to continue and feel inspired to visually express myself with paint. Currently thats on canvas. Sometimes with watercolours or by drawing. It’s a repetitive cycle but one that never feels tiresome. It is always expansive and fulfilling. I am always replenished by my experiences in the wilderness and by recreating them with my art.

The understanding and embodiment of this process is essential to a successful painting. This is one of those paintings.

When we have profound experiences that move us, our thinking is transformed and in doing so we are more able to live our values with purpose and intention. We must keep seeking out these experiences and in doing so allow and make the time to reflect afterwards.

Growth is established when we commit to reflecting why.

Why did I feel that? What was it that moved something in me?
How can I bring this perspective shift into my life more often?
What can I do to retain those feelings so I’m not living for the future but living right now?

'Come find me' helps you find those answers.

'This expressive new painting has taken my art to a whole new level and I feel I have transformed my watercolour landscapes on paper into another dimension, now in acrylic on raw canvas.  The new colour palette and development of my style has come about purely by deeply feeling the experience of a new landscape soak into me. 
The soft and muted neutrals pair beautifully with the yellow tinged greys and a hint of terracotta pink. Contrasted alongside that are dark browns all underneath an electric blue sky. The areas of raw canvas leave space for you to rest and to breathe amongst the striking and layered vertical forms.'


'Come find me’ is an original fine artwork painted in acrylic on raw canvas

Framed in oak with a floating canvas tray frame as shown in photos.

Framed size: 89 x 129 cm

Available for sale at

Gallery De Novo

101 Stuart Street


Gallery De Novo