My art is deeply considered and reflected upon but at the same time it is free and unapologetically raw.

My abstract watery layered techniques are created from remembering feelings I've experienced in a landscape and I simply let them flow from me with intuition and presence when I'm painting. 

Its what I choose to leave out in a composition that becomes part of the allure of my work.

The white space is like a silent metaphor for slow living and all that I aspire to with my lifestyle. It's the pause that is often needed to take the time to work through what is important to me and in my life. Like breathing space, it lets you focus more easily on the landscape and it simply offers a rest, like a small moment of quiet and calm in an otherwise energetic composition. Each year I create a vision board of how I’d like to be and what I’d like to manifest in my life. I also reassess my values - personal and business, both of which are the foundation to my belief and trust in my creative process.

Creating with intuition

As the growth I experience in my life changes me for the better I become even more in tune with my flow state. I've learnt to closely trust my intuition to guide each artistic decision in my creative process. It's such a phenomenal feeling creating with presence as I give everything to my artwork and often feel a wave of elation come over me when I'm finished painting.

If you were to peek into my studio while I'm painting you would see me standing over my paper painting freely and spontaneously with fluidity to maximise the most exquisite effects of watercolour. But you might also find me paused, deep in concentration, often forgetting to breathe as I ponder my next brushstroke.