Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path - a large original painting

Whenever you have a project or event planned or you have a concern thats playing over and over in your mind….
What you expect might happen, seldom eventuates.
You might have an idea or even a vision for the outcome but often how things go is out of your control. What results can sometimes be more exquisite and deeply fulfilling than you ever could have intended.

'When we get out of our own way then we can truly allow abundance into our lives.' 

This painting was inspired by a long solo drive home to Wanaka from Dunedin. As I came down the hill going the back way into Clyde I spotted these golden autumn leaves being hit by late afternoon sun and it was as if they were shining and shimmering like gold especially for me. I was all alone and it felt blissful, I drove past initially but quickly turned around.
I'm so glad I did.
I had to stop and sit on the rock and absorb the colours and warmth and I knew right then that this inspiration would become a passion project for me at some point. I was radiating joy. So I chose to paint the golden trees in the centre with bronze ink and it gives them them a hint of iridescence and allure. 
The road leading into the landscape acts like a path guiding you to the gold
This could be your gold, if you see your obstacles as being an integral part of your journey. Don't be blocked and discouraged by things in your way, no matter how insurmountable they feel. They were sent to you for a reason so if you make the choice to see them as part of your journey you will get  through them far easier than if you battle your way down the path.
It's all in the surrender.
Obstacles do not block the path, they are path.


‘Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path'  is an original watercolour fine artwork painted with metallic bronze ink on 300gsm Artistico hot pressed professional paper

Art size: 70 x 50cm

Framed size: 95 x 75cm

Available framed in natural timber, white, charcoal or black. Please add your frame choice into the comments at check out or email me to discuss your preferences. I'm only too happy to recommend framing options to suit your artwork and interior style.


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Framed artwork can take 2 - 4 weeks to ship depending on my framer. Framed paintings are only available to be shipped within New Zealand due to the fragility of glass.

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