You are not broken, we are all beautifully flawed // a new collection

You are not broken, we are all beautifully flawed // a new collection

May 09, 2023

the Flawed collection // Release date Tuesday 9th May

I am absolutely in love with this entire new collection and bursting with adoration for each small watercolour and drawing on paper. 


It was created from a very heart centred space and came about quite unexpectedly after I wrote an inspired poem late one night earlier this year. I then knew I had to slowly but intentionally work away at creating the artworks in small moments and the ideas and concepts then flowed easily. I also feel a sense of triumphant relief to have created a collection that is both brave and vulnerable and one that is even more true to my heart than the last.

I hope that the collection goes on to inspire you to find  a sense of peace and equanimity with your journey to finding the true you. The initial discovery and realisation that you are not less than and that you are not broken can be both cleansing and somewhat gratifying but most of all it offers hope for you to slowly, one small step at a time take action towards transforming into your truest self.


New drawings and watercolours on paper in soft neutrals and fresh greens with highlights of bronze and silver.





I'm not broken

'I'm not broken'


‘You are not broken'


‘We can all heal'


‘I move towards the light'


‘I let the light in'


‘It's normal to be flawed'


This is the poem I wrote that inspired the whole collection.

I often find words wanting to pour out of me  late at night and by morning they're gone so when I started the Midnight poem I knew I needed to stay with it to the end. Then it gracefully came to life as I wrote the words in my journal.


Midnight poem


I’m not broken

You’re not broken

We’re both just flawed

Beautifully and perfectly flawed

Exactly as we’re supposed to be

It’s ok to have parts of us that need to heal 

We can all heal

Nature lives in an imperfect existence 

So can we

It’s normal to be flawed

Because you are not less than

You are a work in progress 

But also you are complete

You are enough

You can heal

You are not broken


'I move towards the light'
'I let the light in'
'I choose my path'
'I am beautifully flawed'

'It's normal to be flawed'
'You can heal'
'You are enough'
'We can all heal'

The small bronze and silver details are like our flaws. The parts of us we don't always want to face but when we become brave enough or are forced to then we feel expansive growth exactly like the light flooding into a dark room once the door is opened. It's scary and uncomfortable at first, then it becomes euphoric and exhilarating and your quest for further transformation continues.

I hope you feel a connection to these delicate yet beautifully flawed works on paper. Thank you for allowing me to share them with you and for giving me the space to fill your moment visiting my blog with hope, light and possibility. I hope you find something in these paintings that speaks directly to you.


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