Some special news to start 2021

Some special news to start 2021

February 25, 2021

I have some wonderful news to share …

In January I was thrilled to win my first award. 

Runner up in the Craigs Investment Partners Aspiring Art Prize in Wanaka.

for my painting

‘Winter shadows over the Lindis Pass’ 2020

1250 x 950mm ~ Watercolour on paper

Runner up award sponsored by Craig Myles, NZ Sothebys


Early in January one beautiful summer evening 

I received a phone call telling me I'd been awarded runner-up in the Aspiring Art Prize and won $2000 which of course came as quite a surprise but it soon turned to absolute joy. My first reaction was ‘I should have gone to the opening night’ but to also be told the painting sold that night, well, that doubled my elation.

To receive this award at the very beginning of the year has made me feel immensely successful at what I have tired to craft for myself the last 6 years I've been an artist. Its the absolutely perfect way to start back in my studio after the summer break with pride and optimism for the year ahead.



It has also helped me realise that I need to

paint more passion projects purely from inspiration outside of painting collections or commissions as ‘Winter shadows over the Lindis Pass' was created after a girls trip last May to Lake Ohau where my kind and patient girlfriends had to put up with my constant requests to stop for photos as I felt the harsh winter light and shadows seeping into me and fuelling my creativity. So with 2021 underway I have made it essential to have space in my calendar for monthly time to spend on passion projects. This way there will more often be inspiration carried forward into a painting instead of an idea that stays in my head. 

I'll create another blog post in the coming months about my progress.

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