"I am at one with the universe" - an original painting

Live your life as if your prayers have already been answered. 

Tony Robbins

When you feel and live as if you already have all that you desire, the universe often will bring that into your life. You first need to be aware of yourself, your thoughts and what you say to yourself.

This work is part of my latest release, the Conscious collection and is an artistic reflection of this concept. When I surrender and soften to what is rather than voraciously pursuing an expectation I feel that the universe is working with me. I find it takes great courage to soften to this idea but it provides a heartfelt reward in the form of acceptance and then expansion.

During the creation of this collection you might have found me deep in concentration and pondering my next brushstroke while also seen moments of fluidity painting freely and spontaneously so as to maximise the most exquisite effects of watercolour.


‘I am at one with the universe’ is an original watercolour fine artwork painted on 600gsm Artistico Fabriano professional paper 

Art size: 52 x 38cm ( 20.5 x 15”)

Framed size: 71 x 57cm ( 28 x 22.5”)

Framed in solid off-white timber as shown. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss having your artwork framed differently.


Framed artwork only available to be shipped within New Zealand due to the fragility of glass.

Original artwork may be collected from my home studio in Wanaka, New Zealand. Enter the code COLLECT at checkout to receive free shipping.