Deep in awe - limited edition print

A fine art giclée reproduction of an original watercolour artwork. Edition range is 50 total.

Printed with exceptional quality light fast for 100 years inks these prints are such incredible reproductions it's hard to tell them apart from the original.



If you've visited Milford Sound in Fiordland you'll understand the profound sense of wonder that is experienced there. If you haven't then maybe the allure of this collection will have you intrigued to travel there one day.

My family and I visited Milford Sound earlier in the year for a long weekend and took a boat trip out on the water through the sound. 

I was mesmerised.

I stood on deck and soaked it all in.

I felt the vastness of the huge hillsides cascading down to the sea touch the inner most part of me.

I instantly knew I would have to create large paintings to capture the the deep sense of wonder I felt.

This new collection of Milford Sound paintings reflects the intensity of awe that is felt beneath such a strong and imposing landscape. I instinctively knew that I could only use dark blues, greys and blacks to represent a visual interpretation of the emotion felt while visiting this special place.

Milford Sound is indeed a spectacularly beautiful place but it can also offer an internal shift and leave you with a deep and profound sense of awareness of your inner world if you allow. Through the darkness of overwhelm and fear that can be sensed in the hillsides comes a release in the clouds inviting an awakening to a sense of peace within. The clouds reflect joy and light in contrast to the unknown feeling of depth in the water below. Then a deep knowing settles in that feels like everything always has been and always will be ok in the end.

After the initial feelings of awe and wonder have passed you are left with a better understanding of the connection to your authentic self.  The inner shadow work is always there to be done, you just have to be open to seeing the opportunities to grow from it. It is my intention with these paintings that are a return to my previous black and white signature style that you join me in furthering your own inner development.


Signed by Sophie Melville, numbered, dated with the year 2021 and the title of the work.

All prints are printed on German etching fine art watercolour paper and include a paper border around the art with my signature below.




artwork size: 21 x 29.7cm

paper size: 27 x 39.7cm


artwork size: 29.7 x 42cm

paper size: 35.7 x 52cm


artwork size: 42 x 59.4cm

paper size: 48 x 69.4cm



I want my prints to arrive in the beautiful condition they left my studio in so they are all packaged with the utmost of care before being shipped to you.

A4 prints are sent flat in a rigid box

A3 and A2 prints are rolled and sealed in a professional museum grade poster tube.



Available anywhere worldwide by international post. Includes insurance.

NZ $10

Australia $20

Rest of world $35

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Professional artist photography by Leigh Jeffery