In this moment I - a small (6 x 8") original watercolour painting

This painting is part of my newest collection 'In this moment'.  It's an abstract collection inspired by the constant flux of humanity and the land, sky and water in a neutral colour palette. It hints at our ability as humans to flow with, adapt and become resilient over and over again when challenged and pushed again and again outside of our comfort zone. 

In this moment asks you to consider that the answers to your questions and some you might not have even thought of yet are already within you.  If you allow yourself to pause for a moment and really feel into it for as long as you can then peace and clarity will often follow.

In this moment
There is only now
There is only this
Breathe it in
But there is peace
There is clarity
There is a pause
There is no worry
That worry you carry is not here
In this moment

There is no fear
There is no regret
There is no overwhelm
But this moment can not last
It’s already gone
Now there is a new moment
Breathe it in
Make it last
It’s gone

Feel into it again
There can always be a new moment
Hold onto the last one
Reach for the new one
There is only ever this moment
You are enough
In this moment


'In this moment I’ is an original watercolour fine artwork painted on 300gsm Artistico Fabriano hot pressed professional paper

Available framed in natural timber as shown. 

Art size: 15 x 20 cm (6 x 8”)

Framed size: 18 x 23 cm (8 x 9”)


Shipping available worldwide. NZ $10, Australia $20, Rest of world $35

Allow 3 - 5 days for your artwork to be packaged with the utmost of care and to ship.

All paintings come gift wrapped and are packaged with the utmost of care to ensure their safe arrival to you. Please contact me if you require your artwork for a gift and I'll add an additional card for your giftée.

Original artwork may be collected from my home studio in Wanaka, New Zealand. Enter the code COLLECT at checkout to pick up your artwork in person and lets arrange a time, I'd love to meet you.

Artist studio photography by Jodie James