Mini Silent II kanuka round - original

Hand painted in watercolour on locally sourced wood
A very new addition to the Christmas collection are these unique, mini artwork rounds. Perfect for collecting your very first Sophie Melville original or gifting and displaying on side tables or window sills.

They are painted on Kanuka wood from Central Otago, similar to Tea Tree or Manuka, it's a hard wood and they have been freshly cut (by my very helpful husband) from fallen dead branches just out of Wanaka.

These rounds are joyous, tiny interpretations of larger watercolour artworks on paper but are still distinctly recognisable as a Sophie Melville creation.

Each round has been lovingly hand-painted by me in my home studio with the highest quality watercolour paints and gloss varnished to protect on all sides. They are quite small (approximately 60mm) with artwork on the front and signed on the back with the year 2023 and title. Each round comes with a rough sawn kanuka stand for display. What I love most about these rounds is they are all slightly different shapes due to the differing widths of the branch they were cut from so they are perfectly imperfect!

The colour palettes are either dramatic black and white or soft, dusky pinks or peaches and have been inspired by my print collections over the years.

There are 3 styles of round to choose from:

'Presence' (2017) - black and white
'Peace - Lake Hawea' (2022) - peach, blue and black
'Pause - Lake Wanaka' (2022) - pink, blue and black

These kanuka rounds are entirely original so there is only this one available.
Size: approximately 60mm diameter