Keepsake Frames, the launch of my new sister business

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso

I'm Sophie, a graphic designer, web designer, project manager and also a painter.

I've realised I am at my best when fuelled by coffee, I openly admit that without coffee things can be mediocre....

I love to obsess over producing great design and am equally obsessed with and adore the two small people in my life - Zoe (3) and Leo (2) and I'm pretty fond of our 1st baby, our dog, Groomer. I am lucky enough to live and work from home in Wanaka, one of the most beautiful and inspiring towns in New Zealand. The mountains never cease to stop inspiring me and at this time in my life it's the best place to live.

I am easily distracted, no woops, I always do my least favourite job first, um, no wait, I'm just honest and a pride myself on it as well as being passionate about design. I must warn you I run a tight ship and are some what of a tough Project Manager but thats how jobs get completed on time, within budget and end with client's that love their design.

When I've had my coffee(s) and the kids are entertained or in someone elses care! and I've patted the dog then I'm good to go - [ to work that is, not off running round the mountains ].....