About Sophie Melville

I am an abstract watercolour painter and live in Wanaka, New Zealand with my husband and three young children.

Through my art I seek to evoke an inner calm and sense of purpose with my interpretations of mountains, lakes, beaches and clouds. I paint in watercolour on paper with a limited colour palette which acts as a poignant reminder of the moments of clarity gained from the effects of stillness and awareness. Daily meditation and gratitude journalling are an important part of my wellness and therefore contribute significantly to the success of my art practice. I also often make personal discoveries that lead to growth and I reflect upon them visually through my art.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University (1998) and became a full time artist in 2015. 

I aspire to completing a Masters in Fine Art as well as an artist in residence one day, most likely when my children are grown.  It took me a long time to finally call myself an artist so I see the time needed to complete my artistic dreams as very much part of the journey.

Upon my return to my studio I set about further exploring this new fascinating medium and it took off from there. I was raw. I was experimental. I had no inhibition and people responded.  I found a whole new thrill for my art practice, I was hungry for growth and there was no stopping my artistic endeavours. In early 2016 I had secured myself my first solo show at the Front Room in Queenstown called ‘The Stillness Within’. This show developed my exploration of black and white mountain landscapes with the introduction of indigo.

I released several open edition print ranges that year, one in collaboration with the Paperplane store. With this print range I was exploring more and more colour with the introduction of dusty pinks and peach skys.

I also had my work featured in the same month in Homestyle and Your Home and Garden NZ magazines. 

In 2017 I had decided to establish myself more as fine artist so I began only selling limited edition prints. I released my first print range of the year in my signature black and white style. I also released 2 original painting collections prior to having my 3rd child.

In 2018 with a young baby I produced one original painting collection, The Awakening Collection, inspired by a family trip to the snow in Japan and one print range.

In 2019 I had my second solo show at Gallery De Novo in Dunedin entitled 'Beneath the Stillness' It was my first collection of only abstract beach scenes in blues, greens and greys. Later that year I had another solo show entitled 'Where the light enters' in Wanaka and the works in the show were all of the local mountains at sunrises.

2020 has brought surprisingly a wonderful sense of direction for me despite the pandemic. It has forced me to adapt and I released my first collection of very small artworks entitled 'The Conscious Collection.'

Fun Facts 

From: Auckland, NZ 

Favourite mantra: 'I’ve got this' 

Craves: Organisation and a clean house

Best habit: Early morning walks in the mountains 

Worst habit: Staying up late 

Least favourite thing other people say: 'I don’t know' 

Happiest day of my life prior to children: My wedding day 

Greatest dream ever accomplished: Becoming an artist 

Greatest dream: To do an artist in residence

Biggest regret: Not having children sooner

Most grateful for: Having my children

Loves: Thinking I’m really good at yoga 

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