Be here now - a large original painting

'Be here now' is a painting that revisits my original black and white signature style and is inspired by the view from the top of Roy's Peak in Wanaka.

‘ You can influence your physical world with your thoughts ’

Recently I've learnt that when you are thinking of someone it can effect them energetically so I've started more consciously focusing on thinking uplifting thoughts firstly to myself, then towards my family and friends as well as sometimes the greater world. This is something of a revelation to me that intuitively I had always felt but had never realised it's power until it came into my awareness. 


‘Be here now’ is my visual interpretation of this concept. I have learnt that by consciously raising your vibration even just in your mind, you can effect someone else no matter what the distance to you is.  It's exactly like the incredible effect you receive from being in an expansive landscape and how exhilarating and uplifting it feels, but in a multi-dimensional form. It's nature effecting your soul in the most beautiful way that in turn you pass onto someone else through your thoughts.

Is this a crazy concept or am I speaking your language?


‘Be here now'  is an original watercolour fine artwork painted on 300gsm French Arches professional paper

Art size: 50 x 70cm

Framed size: 75 x 90cm

Framed in charcoal, wood grain. Frame depth is 6cm.


Allow 2 - 4 days for your framed artwork to be packaged with the utmost of care and to ship.

This painting is only available to be shipped within New Zealand due to the fragility of glass.

Original artwork may be collected from my home studio in Wanaka, New Zealand.


Payment plans are available on larger works such as this one, please contact me to discuss how you can secure this artwork now.

Artist studio photos by Leigh Jeffrey